Angie Garcia

My name is Angie Garcia and I have been dancing for over fifteen years. I began at the age of three at a local dance studio in my home town, Cheryl’s Dance Studio. I was trained in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. When I reached junior high I decided to branch out and move to a studio outside of my town, which was Dance Moves in Seabrook, Texas. At this studio, I became more familiar with Contemporary and Lyrical dance, while still training in Ballet and Jazz. Once I entered high school I had to stop studio because I became a part of my high school drill team. However, I continued to take dance classes at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Center. I was top officer for my high school drill team for two years. Being top officer helped me to realize that, I not only have a passion for dance but for teaching as well. I have taught dancers as young as six and I continue to work with dancers in high school. I am a proud staff member of American Dance/Drill Team, so I am able to travel and teach at different high schools. I am currently a student at Sam Houston State University. I was a part of the Orange Pride Dance Team and I am majoring in Dance. At SHSU my main focus is in Ballet and Modern dance. I plan to not only earn my bachelor’s in dance but also my masters. What I consider to be my strongest areas are Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, and Lyrical. I love what I do, and I love being able to share it with others!