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  • Ballet:  Tiny Tot/Ballet & Tumble - Pink Leotard and pink MC dance tutu pink tights. Hair must be worn in a secure bun.  (NO BALLET SHOES WITH LOOSE TIES or ANY TIES). Check our boutique for examples or to purchase the proper ballet shoes.


** All other ballet classes - Black leotard,  skirt, classic pink tights, ballet shoes. Hair pulled away from face and pin-ed or clipped to head in a secure bun.   


*** Boys should wear a black tshirt or MC shirt and black leggings or sweat pants.  Black ballet shoes/Black Jazz Shoes


  • Jazz/Musical Theatre/Lyrical/Contemporary: Leotard, black jazz pants or bootie shorts, tan jazz shoes or turner shoes. Contemporary class will use no shoes, bare feet,  Hair pulled away from face. Ponytail. Boys should wear a black tshirt or MC shirt and black leggings or sweat pants.  


  • Tap:  Leotard, black jazz pants or bootie short, hair pulled out of face, black tap shoes.  Tiny Tot, 2nd Grade & under should wear black patent tap shoes, all other levels will wear black tap  shoes that lace up.


  • Clogging:  Active wear and clogging shoes (no tap shoes)


  • Hip Hop: Loose fitting street clothes allowed. preferably MC Tshirt.  Hair pulled away from face., Black High Top Pastry Shoes or high top converse shoes.Hip Hop shoes are available in our boutique.

    • "Pop Tart" Glitter High Top Sneaker – Black


  • Mini Jazz will wear tan jazz shoes in class and in our showcase unless otherwise specified




  • Acro: Acro Leotard or Leotard (shorts, capris,  leggings or bootie shorts can be worn over leotard)  bare feet, . Hair away from face, NO JEANS.  Boys should wear athletic clothes.


• Company Class: Black leotard, tan tights, black bootie shorts or back leggings. Hair must be pulled back, securely off of the face.


• If your child does not have the correct shoes, you will be required to purchase the correct ones for showcase and or performances.


Please keep in mind that dancers in class feel more comfortable when they look like all the other dancers with their class attire and proper shoes.


If a dancer has ballet and jazz or tap as back to back classes the dancer should wear pink ballet tights, then put black bootie shors or black leggings over their pink tights for the other classes.  Ballet requires BLACK LEOTARD, PINK TIGHTS,  BALLET SKIRT and BALLET SHOES.  This will be strongly adhered to.

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