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4-5 Year Olds

Mini I Combo Ballet/Tap (Age 4)

 An introduction to the basics of ballet and tap for 4 years olds that follows our Leap N' Learn Curriculum.  Students will continue to enjoy expressing themselves through the art of dance in this fun and interactive class. This class is built on the basic movements learned in the 3's Ballet combination class but is still appropriate for the first-time dancer. At this level, students will learn more challenging tap and ballet skills through imagination activities, movement games and singing. Dancers will enjoy learning basic ballet and tap terminology along with fun and engaging games. The class is 1 hour and will perform in the Year End Showcase in June. 

Mini II Combo Ballet/Tap (Age 5)

 Designed to provide dancers with a variety and enjoyment in learning elementary basics in both ballet and tap. Students study basics steps, rhythm, clarity of sound and choreography. Ballet students learn basic alignment, use of rotation, positions of the arms and feet, French terminology, and combinations used in classical Ballet. This class is the perfect opportunity for young dancers to build a foundation for a future in dance..  This class  follows the Leap N Learn Curriculum.  This class is one hour..  This class will perform in the Year End Showcase in June.

Mini Jazz/Hip Hop (4-5 years old)

: An introduction to the basics of hip hop  and jazz for 4 to 5 year olds.A fun and high energy class combining Jazz and Hip Hop. Dancers will learn introductory technique, movements and freestyle.  This is a 45 minute class.  This class will perform in the Year End Showcase in June.

Mini Lyrical

An introduction to lyrical.  Lyrical dance is an expressive form that combines classical ballet and jazz techniques while interpreting lyrics or a theme of music.  Dancers will dance to fun songs they know and can learn to interpret the songs through dance.  This class will perform in the Year End Showcase in June.


Mini Musical Theatre

Does your child like to act like a princess, Lion King, Fancy Nancy,, Annie?  Disney!?  Musical Theatre class that will explore broadway, musicals and more!  We like to call this the "buffet" of dance.  Dancers will explore acting, showing emotions, staging and will perform at the end of the year showcase in their own broadway performance.



  Acro style dance combines both the classical dance techniques with rhythmic/artistic gymnastics elements. Our acro instructor will guide the class towards increased flexibility, balance, strength, and muscle control. This is a great class in addition for any dancer, tumbler or gymnast wishing to further their tumbling skills while having fun! As students progress through each level, curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate.  This class will perform in the Year End Showcase in June.

Zoo Kids I (Ariel Arts & Acro)

Zoo Kids is great for begin­ners!  Learn to climb, bal­ance, hang, and swing on aer­ial fab­ric. Kids will also learn basic  skills such as knee hangs and sit­ting and stand­ing on the bar. This is a fun class where younger stu­dents gain strength, flex­i­bil­ity, and con­fi­dence in a safe environment. Your "little animal"  will enjoy imagination and exploration- plus games! Swing, spin and play to your heart’s content. Students ages 5 to 10 will gain new skills and confidence in a fun safe environment with other students. Students will participate in our show in  June.

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