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MC Dance aims to NURTURE and develop the dancer’s passion, integrity, CONFIDENCE and strength in the performing arts, while providing the very BEST dance education.

To provide a service to the community and to be known and respected for its outstanding standards in the field of dance education.

  • Students can develop physically, intellectually, culturally, emotionally and socially through the discipline of dance.

  • Students develop important life skills that will last them through their journey to become the person that God created them to be.

  • Every child has the ability to learn in an environment that is safe, secure and harmonious.

  • Dance educators take on the role of mentors rather than friends or buddies, maintain a professional relationship with their students and parents, and are reliable, responsible and inspiring.

  • All faculty members are team players and consistency within the school is maintained. 

  • Dancers will receive quality dance instruction in house and from guest instructions throughout the year. It's our mission to provide our students with the knowledge, appreciation, and skills to enjoy dance, music and drama for a lifetime.


We welcome dancers of all ages and abilities to enroll in our well established program of dance education. With a philosophy centered on professionalism and passion for the arts, we take great pride in the dance education of all of our learners.



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