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Christmas Magic



Saturday, December 11, 2pm & 6pm


Costume Dress Rehersal:  Friday December 10, 5:30 p.m. in costume at OLD TOWN THEATRE (full costume, make-up  & hair in bun) 

*Costume photos will be in the lobby*


Performances:  Saturday, December 11, 2pm & 6pm (arrive to theatre 45 min prior to each performance) 

What is the difference between Christmas Show and Recital?

1- Christmas Show is optional. If you wish to participate, you have to audition & register. All dancers receive a part.  For End of Year Showcase, all students are automatically registered for each class they take weekly.

2- For Christmas Show, all costumes are rented from MC DANCE.  For End of Year Showcase, dancers keep their costumes.

3- Christmas Show has the same costumes that will be used from year to year.

4- For Christmas Show, the dances are learned outside of class in additional Friday or Saturday rehearsals. Students must be able to attend each additional rehearsal in order to participate in the show. 


* Dancers are expected to attend all rehersals/dress rehersals & both performances**

*Tickets to the show are $8 each for ANYONE sitting in the audience, tickets can be purchased online starting November 1.  There will be assigned seating. 

December 1, ticket prices increase to $12**

Dancers in the show are not recommended to get a ticket.  They will need to stay backstage through the performance.

*The number of parent assitance back stage will be limited due to the space limitations in this theatre, specifially in the dressing areas*

*There will be volunteer opportunities:  pass out progams, assist back stage, costuming, decorations, set-up, snacks, volunteers receive $10 ticket voucher or account credit**

*CHRISTMAS MAGIC SHOW T-shirts are available for $22 each, ordering will be open in October*

Fees:  $55 participation Fee  & Rental Fees ($15 - $25 per costume) for Costumes (Costumes will be checked out at the theatre the day of the show & turned in after show)

Costume Rental fees do not inlcude tights, shoes and some hair pieces.

*Competition Team Members are not required to pay participation fees, but will be responsible for costume rental fees*

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