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Are you BANANA SPLITS ready?

Lickety Split! Let's do the correct splits!!

How many ways can you do the splits?

What does a correct split look like?

Front Split

  • A front split requires more flexibility of your hamstrings and is done by stretching one leg out completely straight in front of you and stretching the other leg out completely behind you. Your hips should be even with the floor. This stretches the hamstring of the leg in front and the hip flexor of the leg in back. To maintain even flexibility in both legs, you should switch leg positions every time you stretch.

Center Split/Straddle or Middle

  • This is a difficult split to do and can be done by sitting on the floor and stretching your legs out as far on either side as possible. To increase the stretch, bend over while keeping your back straight. Another way to do a middle split is by sliding down with your legs out to both sides, without letting your buttocks touch the floor. This stretches and strengthens your inner thighs. A complete middle split is getting your inner thighs to be flat on the floor.

Dancers at MC Dance will be testing for the splits! If achieved they can get a ticket to our annual BANANA SPLITS PARTY held in the spring. Dancers can attend every year as long as they keep achieving the proper splits. Only one proper split is required.

Hint: Keep those toes pointed and hips or inner thighs flat on the floor.

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