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At Home with LEAP N LEARN

I hope you and your family are well and will remain healthy throughout this pandemic.  My thoughts and prayers have been with you as we all shift our focus to a new reality.

I am very excited to share Dance at Home with Leap ’N Learn with you. I will be posting FREE weekly training lessons for ages 3 & 4, ages 5 & 6, and ages 7 & 8.  I will also be providing corresponding coloring pages, craft projects and music downloads for additional creative activities to do at home. 

Sharing dance videos and photos are so much fun for the children.  It is so important for everyone to remain connected as we physically remain apart.

Here are the details of how to access Dance at Home with Leap ’N Learn.  You may share this information with your families.

- Password for ages 3 & 4:   3&4

- Password for ages 5 & 6:   5&6

- Password for ages 7 & 8:   7&8

Have fun and please share with others!!

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