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How to Have a Successful Virtual Dance Lesson

Dress the Part

Have your child dress in their uniform just like they do when they go to the studio for class.

Wear the Proper Shoes

Make sure your child is wearing the proper dance shoes in their virtual dance class. Exception: sneakers or jazz shoes can be substituted for tap shoes.

Clear the Space

Make sure there is adequate space for your child to move without hitting a lamp or the corner of a table

Dance Floor

Make sure the floor surface is level and not too slippery. It is fine to dance on carpet or to dance on a hard floor. Just make sure there isn’t anything to trip on and that the floor isn’t too slippery.

Be Prompt and Prepare Ahead for Class

Log on ahead of time and check your sound. Become familiar with the program prior to the starting time of your child’s virtual dance class.

Eliminate Distractions

Just as in class at the studio, it is important to eliminate as many external sounds and distracting activities while your child is taking their virtual lesson. It is very important that your child can easily hear and respond to their teacher.

Be supportive

Help your child get set up to take their virtual class, praise them for working hard and staying focused but refrain from criticism.

Dance at Home with the Entire Family

There are so many positive benefits to be gained from dance. Get the entire family involved by moving to music and creating very special memories for all.

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