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Success ON & OFF The Dance Floor

Success depends on YOU, your decisions, actions and re-actions. Anything you do requires time, dedication, study and knowledge. For example: When you bake cookies, we follow a recipe, go to the grocery store to get the ingredients and then do what the recipe says in the order it says. If we don’t....they won’t be very yummy.

The same concepts apply with dance, a sport, learning a new language, planting a garden or even getting a new puppy. Over the years coaching dancers, being a dancer, teaching dancers of all ages, and competing at the highest level...... to be SUCCESSFUL you need the following 6 components:

  1. Good Nutrition

  2. Hydration - WATER!

  3. Sleep

  4. Strength & Conditioning

  5. Accountability

  6. Mindfulness - self & others

With these 6 components you can set yourself apart from the competition and become the best version of YOU!! The “kicker” is it is a COMMITMENT that is long term and is only up to YOU!!

On Competition Day those that have been focused and dedicated to these components CONSISTENTLY will rise to the top of their game and be the best version of themself and for their team.

I encourage dancers to implement the above components and begin to see more positive energy and physical energy for the entire day. You will also see their confidence SOAR!

Parents...Provide, support and guide your dancer by doing the following:

  • GOOD NUTRITION: Purchase healthy meals and meal prep! You know what is not a good choice for them. It starts with YOU!!

  • HYDRATION: Make a water bottle for them for school and to keep with them for the entire day! Get a fun water bottle.

  • SLEEP: Take all phones and tablets away at bedtime. They will survive! These devices provide overstimulation of the brain which prohibit them from falling asleep. It will take some time to get used to, but their brain will catch on quicker than you think and begin to relax.

  • STRENGTH & CONDITIONING: Do an ab workout in the morning and run down the driveway 3x. Every little thing will help their body be stronger & conditioned to dance all out for 3 minutes! The dance is literally a sprint. Don’t rely on when they walk in the doors at MC Dance for just that training to set them apart. What happens at home is what sets you apart from the competition.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Make them accountable for their actions. If they didn’t eat properly or drink their water just have them acknowledge it didn’t happen and then tell you what they are going to do to fix it! Set goals...write them down...CHECK YOURSELF!!! ADMIT WHEN YOU DID & WHEN YOU DIDN’T. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES or BUT’S!!

  • MINDFULNESS: Be present, be aware of where they are and what they are doing. They don’t need to be overreactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around them. Help them see themselves in a positive light! Remind them what they say to themselves is what their brain hears and tells the body. I AM, I CAN, I WILL, I DO** statements create mindfulness.

Have your dancer quit watching other dancers or people on social media. They are living life through someone else’s lens and watching other lives in front of them and are NOT INTO THEIR OWN LIFE!! Have them video themself for the morning and watch themself talk, react, etc....... OR you video them (secretly)!! They need to WATCH THIER OWN LIFE!!! This is the fool proof way to see who they are, how they act towards others & themselves. It’s also the best way to critique and perfect your dance technique, skills, stage presence, memory and confidence. YOU ARE WHAT YOU SEE, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT..... FIX IT!!!

**Quote from Christine D'Ercole

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