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Homeschool Classes

Our homeschool classes are more than a dance class scheduled in the morning hours. Each class is 1 ½ hours. Students will learn basic technique within the style of dance chosen. A class will consist of proper warm up & stretching followed by Barre or Center Barre exercises and across the floor combinations. Each session will learn choreography to present at the end of the session. We will also spend 30 minutes discussing the History & Development of the chosen style of dance as well as watch videos of professional performances. We hope to discuss famous dancers, choreographers, and works in each style of dance. Students will leave the class with knowledge about the art form as well as skills to perform.

Contact the studio to inquire on class availability.

Musical Theatre

This fun upbeat class teaches fun and entertaining combinations using Broadway style choreography. We will be focusing on stage presence, acting, and dance while portraying a character using song and dance numbers from musical productions.


This is a discipline focusing on strength, balance, agility, and muscle control. Dancers will learn a safe fusion of gymnastics, acrobatics and basic tumbling. Unlike the other techniques stated, this class has a strong dance technique built into the curriculum. Much of the class will be spent on keeping bodies safe and working to improve range of motion of all joints.


    What is the difference between Acrobatics & Gymnastics?  Click Here 


Fun for ALL ages young and old!!  Clogging has become very popular in the South and is a style of dance unique in its style of stomping while keeping the upper body stiff. Clogging shoes have double taps on the front and back of the shoe. Our Clogging Classes are upbeat and have taken on a modern twist!  

This class will perform in the Year End Showcase in June. 

Adult Tap

Get on your feet and make some noise! This beginner level class will focus on proper instruction of how to articulate your feet and ankles as well as explore musicality, rhythm, and syncopation.

Zoo Kids I (Ariel Arts & Acro)

Zoo Kids is great for begin­ners!  Learn to climb, bal­ance, hang, and swing on aer­ial fab­ric. Kids will also learn basic  skills such as knee hangs and sit­ting and stand­ing on the bar. This is a fun class where younger stu­dents gain strength, flex­i­bil­ity, and con­fi­dence in a safe environment. Your "little animal"  will enjoy imagination and exploration- plus games! Swing, spin and play to your heart’s content. Students ages 5 to 10 will gain new skills and confidence in a fun safe environment with other students. Students will participate in our show in  June.


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